Gun Stores – Don’t Leave Money on the Table

March 27, 2017

If you are a gun store owner, you have probably noticed the increase in women obtaining their Concealed Handgun Licenses. If you are not targeting this demographic, you are leaving money on the table. Women who carry need a way to carry their gun in an easy to reach location, but also one that can be secured to keep the gun away from children. A Concealed Carry Purse with a locking zipper is the answer to this dilemma.

And it is not just women who buy the concealed carry purses. Many buyers are the women’s husbands. They want their lady to carry, but many times are met with the objection, “I don’t have anything to carry the gun in.” And so these thoughtful husbands search for a fashionable concealment handbag for their lady. If you are not carrying Concealed Carry Purses, then you are missing out on these sales.Locking Concealed Carry Purse

How do you get in on this lucrative demographic? Simply go to to purchase a wide variety of wholesale concealed carry purses. Choose from professional sleek bags with  holsters and locking zippers, to more trendy bags with western accents or sugar skulls. And be sure to carry something for the traditional ladies, such as our Genuine Leather Concealed Carry Purses. With a $50 minimum order, it’s easy to get started. CLICK HERE to shop Wholesale Concealed Carry Purses today.