Gun Stores – Buy Wholesale Concealed Carry Purses to Sell in Your Store!

February 2, 2014

If you own a gun store in the United States, you are probably looking for accessories to carry in your store to capitalize on each customer that walks in. You may have noticed a large increase in women carrying handguns and other personal protection weapons. How can you capitalize on this trend? What item do most women carry with them everywhere they go? A purse, of course! And they need a special purse to carry their handgun. That’s why wholesale concealed carry purses from TexCyn Wholesale are the perfect addition to your store merchandise. Once your lady customer has purchased her new handgun, and necessary handgun accessories, introduce her to a fashionable purse specially designed to carry that new handgun!

What exactly IS a¬† concealed carry purse? It is a purse that includes a special pocket, either on the back of the handbag, or in the center, to carry a handgun or other weapon such as mace or a stun gun. The compartment is secured by a zipper that is easy to zip down, so the lady can easily pull out the weapon should it be needed. Because our concealed carry purses also keep the handgun in it’s own pocket, there is less concern of it going off accidentally in a crowded purse.

Concealed carry purses are now available in a wide range of styles. At TexCyn Wholesale, we carry western styles, including Montana West, as well as bling bags with lots of rhinestones, chevron print concealed carry purses, and the traditional  black leather concealed carry purses. Buying wholesale concealed carry purses to sell in your store will increase your profit per sell, as well as lead to increased foot traffic and repeat purchases. Ladies are always willing to let admirers of their handbags know where they purchased it, so be the store that sold them their very fashionable concealed carry purse!

You can get started buying wholesale concealed carry purses with a minimum order of only $100! And should you choose to purchase $300 or more, the shipping is on us!

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