Buying Liquidated Designer Handbags to Sell On Ebay

February 9, 2012

In this blog, I will tell you a story about my first few purchases of designer handbag customer return lots in order to help you understand why my company, Texcyn Wholesale, is different from other companies you may have bought liquidations from.

When I first began my career as an online entrepreneur in 2004, I searched for items to sell on eBay. Back then, eBay was the place to sell online. I noticed that designer handbags sold very well, so I started searching for places to purchase them. My Google searches took me to liquidators or “jobbers” who bought customer returns in truckloads from major department stores and split them into somewhat smaller lots.

The smallest lot I could find to buy was 500 handbags. With a deep breath, and fear in my heart, I sent my last few thousand dollars to a “jobber” for one of these lots. I waited a few weeks until the order was finally shipped. About a week later a truck pulled up at my door and dropped off a huge carton full of handbags right in my driveway. It felt like Christmas!Unfortunately, there was no way to drag that 8 foot box into my garage, so I worked feverishly throwing handbags into smaller boxes and lugging them into the garage before nightfall. The next day the real work began – sorting the handbags. To my dismay, about 25% of the bags were damaged so bad, they were unsellable. My visions of wealth started dissipating.

I headed to Wal-Mart and purchased several large bins so I could sort the bags by brand, making it easier to get them listed on eBay. While doing so I noted that about 50% of the bags were store brands, or lesser known brands. I no longer had any visions of wealth – just a lot of hard work ahead.

Now it was time to start photographing, listing and hopefully, selling the bags. This was very time consuming as I had to look at each bag for damage and carefully note it in the listing. However, my first sales started rolling in and I was pumped!


After all was said and done, I made a profit on the bags, but it was a lot of work. However, it was a very good learning experience that launched my successful online business, Texcyngoods. We now have 4 employees in our office and warehouse. It is my goal to take the knowledge I have learned buying wholesale and selling retail and turn it into a business helping others get started in the world of online sales. Our first goal was to launch our wholesale site, Our next goal is to begin educating new and would be online sellers on how to buy and sell online.

Texcyn Wholesale wants to make the selling of liquidated handbags easier and more profitable for you, the small online seller. We have purchased the large lots of department store and TV Shopping handbags, sorted them to be rid of the excessively damaged bags, and put them into small lots listing each bag in each lot. Now you can control what you purchase in order to maximize your profits.

Yes, some of our bags are still going to have slight damage, but we do consider them sellable. We also give you 14 days to look over your lot and return it if you wish for a store credit. No need to invest your life savings, spend weeks feverishly working, and then wondering what happened to your profit.  Our liquidated handbag lots are designed to be profitable, and simple to list and sell. We even offer photography of each individual bag for a small fee.If you’ve ever thought about selling designer handbags on eBay, now you can give it a shot with a minimal investment. Our lots consist of designer name handbags such as Coach, B. Makowsky, Dooney & Bourke, Kathy Van Zeeland, Fossil, Nine West, and many more. In future blogs, we will go into more details about how to list these handbags on eBay to maximize your profits and minimize your selling costs.

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